Connect speaker cable to 3.5mm stereo plug?

Hi, I have 2 speakers with a standard stereo cable connector(2 bare wires), how can i connect these both to 1 3.5mm stereo plug to use for my pc, thanks in advance, dave :)
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  1. are these bare wires connected to binding post on your speakers?
  2. binding post? all i can say is that they have no plug just 2 bare wires from each speaker just wire :)
  3. ull need to connect these speakers to an amplifier.
  4. ok, cant i bodge the wires into a connector?
  5. nope, a 3.5mil is a low current output, speakers wires are for high current outputs, ie a speaker out.
  6. i have found it is do-able by converting the speaker wire into a 2x rca to 3.5mm y splitter in short explanation
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