How do you network a canon smartbase mp360 linked to a vista pc on a w

Any idea how I can network for printing only a canon smartbase mp360 connected to a vista pc with all shares set on my new Windows 7 PC. it can see the printer but will not locate the required drivers, just gives up and asks for the .inf file? his printer is suppost to be windows compatable.

any help would be appreciated.
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  1. please use the following link for downloading the drivers you need:

    1. uninstall previously installed drivers for your printer
    2. disconnect usb cable
    3. install the driver downloaded moments ago
    4. connect the cable when asked
    5. share, install the printer to client computer, be advised to add everyone group permission to print


    if not working, try this:

    control panel-> add printer-> select canon from le left panel and have disk option
    manualy browse and select the location of the dearchived driver files and


    if not working
  2. Hi thanks ever so much for that. your first option is how i tried to do it.

    I have the canon is attached and working to the vista machine via usb. both the MP Driver 5.15 & the Driver addon are on the vista machine is linked to the network hub. It is the other Windows 7 machine which is linked via the wireless router which although it sees the canon printer says it cannot locate and install the required drivers when i try to install it as a network printer.

    I then tried to download and run the windows 7 version 5.15 of the driver which is a self extracting auto intalling exe file and the Canon Inkjet Printer Driver Add-On Module
    directly from the canon site onto the windows 7 machine.

    However when you then try to add it as a network printer and select the canon which it shown in the add a network printer it cannot locate any suitable drivers it then goes on the web tries there and still comes up with no drivers. At that point it then asks to be pointed at the relevant inf file.

    At this if i point windows 7 to any of the canon folders on the new win 7 machine it fails to find any valid inf file to use and gives up?

    I am likely to me thick here but I cannot quite understand you second option. could you possibly clarify it, so I know if it is and different from what is above.

    Your help and advice is much appreciated somany thanks in advance

  3. try this link (it has pictuses step by step), and please look at the pictures only. especially at Fig 1.10 "Choose your printer's manufacturer and then the printer model"; after that click on have disk and indicate the location of the drivers.

    PS are you sure the drivers you have used are ok ? please download the drivers in the link i found. the message you were talking about sounded like it coulden't find the .inf file.

  4. Daniel I'm really sorry no but I cannot see the link you refer to. The Drivers are from your original link and my other desktop and laptop can find the printer then ask to install the drivers if trusted, it is just the new windows 7 PC that won't locate them.

    Many thanks you the effort and help you are puttig in.

  5. I'm encountering the exact same problem as jwt1. I downloaded the drivers and launched the exe on the windows 7 machine but when the pc tries to connect to the printer, it gives up and asks for me to point it to the .inf file.

    I found the above link to a site that has a workaround to this and I have now sucessfully can print from a Win7 64bit machine over the network to Canon MP360 printer attached to Win2k server.

    Search on "Kevin Yank, Connect to a Network Printer on a Windows XP Server in Windows Vista"
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