Asus G73 with 16GB (4GB x 4)?

Does anybody knows something about 16 GB RAM possible in the Asus G73?

And something about faster i7 CPUs than the i7-720?

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  1. I'm not sure on the memory aspect, but my guess is that it is already maxed out. In regard to the CPU, there is the i7-820, but really there isn't much difference between it and the 720. If you want an 820, your best bet is to find a laptop that comes stock with one.
  2. The pc is for gaming.
    4gb ram sticks are very expensive.
    More than 8gb is not needed for better gaming. Very few games will use more than 4gb.
    8gb is good for multitasking. I doubt that 16gb would be of any use at all.

    There are some slightly faster cpu's listed, but I don't think they are worth it.
    The graphics will be the limiting factor, and the i7-720 should be fast enough to drive it to it's max.

    Only if your game is very cpu intensive like FSX(and very few others) would a faster cpu help.
  3. I am using the laptop for gaming and digital art so went with 12gb on my build. Also opted for the i7-920XM Extreme to future proof it in upcoming games. Recommend looking at PowerNotebooks for customized laptops as u get what u pay for. If u order IC Diamond Thermal Compound - CPU + GPU thats what u will get. Also, got the 160GB Intel® X25-M SATA Solid-State Drive. Guess it is best to get the equipement that will best perform the job(s) u want ur laptop for. Digital imaging will use a lot of ram. Games coming up look to use more and more ram so 12 gigs did not seem excessive to me??

    The starting price on this laptop is low enough that u can pretty well max it out with customization options and still come out under the price of most of the competion's high end laptops like alienware single card MX17's.
  4. I have an Asus G73 with 16GB of gskill ram I am currently selling, so yes, it is possible
  5. This is just to confirm that yes it is possible...mine has 14GB now I used Corsair...I didn't change the third one since I didn't want to open it up...
    What I think is, the 8GB max refers to the maximum size you could put in each I guess this unit can handle up to 32GB

    Does anybody knows something about 16 GB RAM possible in the Asus G73?

    And something about faster i7 CPUs than the i7-720?

  6. see i dunno in games when i go into tast manager, my g73jh says that its only using 81xxMB of ram out of the 12GB that I have installed, so its there, but i dont think you can actually use it.... hence the intel website tells you mobile chips can only support 8gb, i think you can use anything above 8 gigs for a ramdrive and windows recognizes it, it jsut cant use any of it
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