Best 5.1 system for $100 ish

I currently have the Striker 7.1 sound card and Logitech Z523 speakers. I'm looking for a 5.1 system that would run me somewhere in the neighborhood of $100.
One of my current problems is placement. My setup forces me to put my two front speakers in such a way that the left one is behind two of my monitors. It seems to me as though it is blocking the sound, and I'm wondering if a 5.1 system would potentially decrease the significance of that.
Anyhow, if you have recommendations for a 5.1 system that would sound better than my current Z523s and would cost less than $120, I'd very much appreciate it.
EDIT:Even if I'm playing two-channel music, the striker should upmix it to something that sounds at least halfway-decent, right?
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  1. I'm currently looking at both the Logitech Z506 and X-540. Any recommendations?
  2. They are both pretty bad but I would go with the 506.
  3. astrallite said:
    They are both pretty bad but I would go with the 506.

    Anything else you'd recommend near that budget? I know that a $120 or so limit decreases my quality, but is there something better than either of them?
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  5. Just bought it, hope it works well. Thanks for the recommendation.
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