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I am buying the new ipad . As Apple doesn't provide earphones with it , i am gonna buy them myself but i am confused

between the signature apple earphones or any other as i heard that apple earphones aren't that much good with the base though the quality of sound is pretty good.

I want earphones with 'good base' and least sound attenuation but price should be very less as my handling is poor so most i have to replace my earphones every 4-5 months,

I am gonna buy apple for the first time so i could use all the help right now.

Thanks !!
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  1. I personally despise the Apple earbuds since they fall out of my ears and sound terrible. I generally am happy with the Phillips headphones that can be found at a CVS or Wal-mart, or wherever else. I get the wrap-around heard phones that go over the ear instead of in them, because i think the bass and overall sound quality is better than in-ear. I have been using Phillips for years and haven't had to replace my current set for over 6 years now, so they do last a nice while.

    Yes they aren't the fancy Beats or Bose headphones, but for the price of $15-$25, the sound quality can't be beat.
  2. On ebay there is a nice quality Altec Lansing new headphones for $15, got a set, sound nice. They are technically made for women, but the black and silver designs are not bad for a guy.

    I got them for $10 looks like they went up to $15, but still a nice price for them.
  3. MEElectronics is a good quality brand of headphones, less-known, but i have had mine for about 3 months and i love them!
  4. Sennheiser makes really good quality headphones and earbuds, and they have a few cheaper models too. ($20-$50 range)
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