AMD Turion 2 Ultra vs. Intel i3 M330

Which is faster in mulit-tasking and video streaming, Amd Turion 2 Ultra or Intel i3 M330?
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  1. Most likely the i3, as it has newer technology in regard to both tasks. The Turions in comparison are a bit dated.
  2. Naaaa, dont be sure here. The turion 2 Ultra is a very fast cpu. Expecially in the terms of browsing.....

    The i3 is almost as good, but i would compare it to athlon x2 2,2 Ghz.
  3. Yeah, be sure that the i3 is faster.

    The slowest i3 gets a passmark score of 2059 while the fastest Turion II gets a score of 1643. The i3 is certainly way faster than an Athlon X2 2,2 Ghz.

    You can see for yourself at
  4. the i3 is dual core with multithreading encoded a movie with handbrake in 45 min. not as fast as my athlon 620 but not bad boy I'm glad bestbuy didn't have the 1st laptop I was looking at with a turion this i3 is pretty good for $500
  5. what are the two processors like in terms of heat they give off? (and power efficiency?)

    both of these are important in a laptop.

    I'm looking at the Hp laptops:

    dv6-2111sa (WB413EA) (i3 Processor i3-330M 2.13 GHz, Level 2 cache 3 MB)
    dv6-2113sa (WB329EA) (AMD Turion™ II Ultra Dual-Core Processor M620 2.5 GHz, Level 2 cache 2 MB)

    Both are same price, both have 4 GB RAM
    yet i3 has ddr3 memory, compared to AMD's DDR2

    Which of the two would you recommend?


    (play games but not a massive gamer, I use my computer for Adobe CS4 Photoshop more than anything else)
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