My Athlon 2600+ shows 1.2 GHZ ??

I have asus a7n8x deluxe, with amd athlon xp 2600+ 333 and windows xp
It shows my processor as a 1.2Ghz What do I do?? Can this be fixed! BIOS settings possibly???
Please help thank you....Brand new sys.
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  1. Set the FSB to 166 MHz from BIOS

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  2. yes... go into the bios, and make sure the bus speed is set to 166(333) and the multiplier to default or auto.

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  3. i did that.. I have a 2500+ with the same exact motherboard and it won't work at FSB 166. It keeps detecting it as 100, but when I check bios it says 166! HELP!! computers driver me insane
  4. hmmm.
    are there any options to change a jumper on the motherboard??? Say to 133 or 166. And is your RAM PC2700 or better?

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  5. yeah the jumper can be set to either 200 or 266/333 and mines on 266/333. don't know if this makes a diff but for some reason my Power LED isn't on, but i know its hooked up right
  6. its more than possible your bios is screwed with a new asus nforce board, id RMA to wherever you bought it

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  7. I have pc 2100 ram but i'm also trying out a athlonXP 1800+ and i still have the problem, I will order pc 2700 ram soon enough but not now. I think i will just RMA it..yeaaahh so fun.. thank god the store i got the mobo from, is real close. if anyone else has the same problem with this mobo be sure to check this out
  8. I had the same problems with the BIOS ver 1001G. After I flashed the BIOS ver 1002a I never had problems anymore.
    I think the problems are related to the multiplier table code. You can also set all as "user setting". After putting the jumper on 133/166 you can enter the BIOS and set the FSB, the multiplier and also the CPU core voltage manually.
    It is preferable to leave the memory/FSB ratio at 100 % for more speed.
    Presently I run an Athlon XP 2700+ at 185 MHz FSB with 13.0 as multiplier. I also can run at 13.5 and 14.0 for multiplier but this setting cause a lower frequency for FSB and then memory.
    What I would ask to ASUS is the possibility to verify the dual channel is running from BIOS post.
    I only can measure the memory bandwidth with SiSoft Sandra which score about 2750 with the aforementioned settings.

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  9. definately a ram issue. If you want speed, you need good stuff.

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  10. what as in the brand sux? bleh, heard some support guy say the ddr Crucial ram sux unlike SDRAM. I mean shouldnt it run fine with pc 2100 when i have a processor with a 133 rate? one other thing. I noticed now that i hooked up my sound.. that my computer says: System Failed due to CPU over-clocking? uh huh...... guess that might be because of the ram messing it up? I thought this mobo supported pc 2100. If that isnt the problem I'm going to get pc 2700 ram soon anyway so whats a good brand. someone told me corsair? would samsung or micron be ok? cause all the stores online that are near me have those 2
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  11. Before you go and buy more RAM, what's your PSU? If it's underpowered, or not a good brand, it might provide insufficient power to run at the higher speeds.

    Crucial is reasonable stuff. up until recently, I was running some Crucial PC2100 @ 175Mhz (42Mhz OC) and it was perfectly stable, albeit at fairly crappy mem timings.

    Oh yeah - Corsiar is excellent RAM, but not cheap.

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  12. yeah well i had just gotten a new RAID 400 power supply but for some reason it busted on my ass after a few days of use? need to RMA that. lol, right now im running on a 235, but im sure that isn't the cause of the dysfunction becuase it didn't work during the 400w. Maybe i finally did fix it and it cant work now that my power supply is so low. I think i might get corsiar ram.. but i want to find a store on the east coast that sells it for cheap so i dont have to wait a week for it any suggestions?
  13. Ive been working on a similar prob for a few days.
    First make sure you have the right ram DDRPC2700. Namebrand RAM, hate to say, its worth the extra. Power supply should be at least 350W of real (enermax quality) power. Flash the BIOS from ASUS, they just came out with 1016 I think for the A7V333. If you are running WinXP there is a patch for a poss OS error that can help this occur.
    Check your jumpers. Sometimes the excellent BIOS setup can be double checked...
    One more odd thing, look at this its not directly related to your issue but its damn odd.
  14. He said nforce not via. I have a none deluxe ver. Go into the bios and make sure your multiplier is right and that you have your fsb set to 133. This board has the most confusing bios I have ever seen .
  15. it probably your memory, my board when I put the mem setting too high will set the PC to 100fsb until you change the setting to more acceptable ones... (turned me XP2000 to a 1250Mhz until I figured this)

    Hmmm, wonder if I can get a valid page fault ???
    these invalid ones are far too commonplace...
  16. But, before you modified the setting the system was working correctly !
    It seems Chris1984 resolved his problems has we are chatting each other without being udated by who originated the post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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