How to hdmi cable from sony bravia lcd tv to harman kardon 142 receiver

Hi Everybody,

I want to connect the HDMI cable from Sony Bravia lcd to Harman Kardon 142 Receiver .

I want to listen the music or movie from sony Bravia LCD to Home theater. Is it possible thru HDMI cable.

Pl help me. How to give connections
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  1. First off, this is all going to depend on whether or not your receiver does HDMI audio processing or if it's just an HDMI switch. If your receiver does not do HDMI audio processing you will need to use another cable set for audio/video processing.

    Secondly, your HDTV does not have video outputs; only inputs. The cabling should go from the video source (cable/satellite set top box, PC, media extender, etc...) to the receiver's HDMI input. Assuming it does HDMI audio processing, the next HDMI cable should go from the receiver's HDMI output to your HDTV.

    -Wolf sends


    Optionally, if your Sony Bravia has a digital audio output, you could use that connected to your receiver. (video source --> HDTV via HDMI --> Receiver via digital cable).
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