How to fix computer that cannot turn on

When I turned on my computer, it turn to black screen with the choice :"Start windows in safe mode,(safe mode with networking,and safe mode with command prompt) or start windows normally. But when I choose one of them(for example,start windows normally), the computer will reboots and will become into black screen with those choices.
My computer type is DELL and was the old type computer(Windows 98 upgrade to Windows XP)

So can anybody help me? I really need help......
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  1. Did you try Safe Mode or Last known good configuration? Try this out

    to see if you can figure out the problem. It could have been something you recently installed or you 'could' have a virus on your computer. Either way use that link i showed you and see what you can come up with.

  2. Another suggestion - at the Safe Mode menu, choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure" to make the blue screen you probably aren't even seeing, sit still long enough to read the Stop Error message. If tha option isn't in the menu you're seeing, restart again and tap Function 8 until it shows up.

    Post back the details of what you see - the alpha-numeric 0x0000?? and ANY_WORDS_JOINED_UP by underscores. Someone wlil be able to help.

  3. This could also be early signs of a hardware issue. Try running the dell diagnostics, for most models that i know of (which is business models) you tap on the F12 key as the system is turning on and then use the arrow keys to select diagnostics. You may also be able to hold down the B key then power on to start them. If neither of these work please let me know what model system you are using as you may need to download and burn them to a disk from the Dell support site.
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