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I don't know where to put this thread but i can't seem to find a way to put my sound card working.

It's a creative sound blaster live! (model SB0060). I tried (and found) the drivers for this card, but everytime i try to install the drivers,
it says there isn't any sound blaster card in the computer.

Im using windows xp 64 bit and the drivers i got are for this operating system.

In the "sounds and audio devices" i get "no audio device", and there is no exclamation markers on "device manager".

I've also disabled on-board audio card in BIOS.

Tried to put sound card in different PCI slots but doesn't make a difference.

Need help! Thanks. (if more info is needed, ask)
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  1. Is it the right driver for that model and Windows version -- 64 bit drivers can be a little hard to find.

    Moving PCI slot is a good idea. Also try freeing up resources -- look at BIOS screens and see if you can disable COM ports, Parallel Printer port (if using USB printer).
    Restart Windows a couple of times to reassign resources.
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