Looking for a specific 24'' lcd


I'm looking for a lcd with following characteristics:
- 1920x1200
- mat (not glossy!) TN matrix (TN to meet my budget)
- small input lag and good responsiveness (for occasional gamer)
- suitable for office use
- height and tilt adjustment
- not too bad for movies is a plus
- <=$400 (note that in Poland prices are a bit higher)

For example samsung 245b seems to be meeting these requirements, but it's one of the oldest out there and I am not sure about it... On the other hand samsung t240 doesn't because it looks more a like a tv to me (no height adjustment for one).

Any recommendations?
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  1. What do you think about Hyundai W243D? I forget whether i have already considered it and discarded for some reason or it's the first time i stumbled upon it. Anyway, any opinions?
  2. Click the following link which has some LCD monitor reviews to help narrow down your search:

  3. Know this site but unfortunately W243D wasn't tested (yet). Other hyundais got pretty good reviews, but W240D - W243D seem to have a lot of differences, not sure i can interpolate...
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