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I have a 25-yr-old Fisher stereo system that just stopped working. Who repairs this equipment in NH and is it worth repairing. Can it be replaced with an simple new system? I love my Pioneer 100-CD storage component.
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  2. Fisher brand was bought by Sanyo in the 1970's so yours will be made by Sanyo (who have recently been taken over by Matsushita/Panasonic).

    Personally, I wouldn't bother to repair hifi of that provenance -- particularly if it's something complex like a multi-disc player. If just the amplifer/receiver unit, those could be tackled by a local repair man.

    If the speakers were supplied by Fisher/Sanyo, they were pretty awful. Perhaps take this as an opportunity to by a 'real' hifi -- ie not from a chain store in a mall but from a small specialist dealer that doesn't only sell Japanese brands.
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