Cannot install windows 7 on ssd drive

when i install windows 7 on my regular hard drive it is fine. when i try to install it on my ssd drive it says that windows setup could not configure windows to run on the computers hardware, why???
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  1. Go to your bios, make sure the ssd shows up. Insert DVD with windows, format your old HDD. Change boot priority so that your DVDRW is the main boot drive. Turn off your pc, unplug your HDD power and sata connection, insert you DVD/USB that has windows and install from there. Once everything is done, install your drivers then go back to your bios, make sure the ssd now is the main boot drive, shut off pc. Plug you your HDD back and format it if you want. Voila!
  2. Before you try to install Windows on the SSD make sure that in the bios the sata mode is set to AHCI and that the SSD is connected to the Intel supported sata port and that the sata port is sata3 rated so you get the maximum speed of the SSD.
    Then also in the bios make sure to set the dvd as the first boot device in the second option and the SSD as the first device in the first option.
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