Soundblaster SB1040

I've just recently bought a Sound Blaster "X-FI" Audio Extreme card, and i'm a little concerned about the lack of features....i'd been wanting to use this card as it has Toslink connections which i was going to use with my Extigy Decoder, but i've noticed after a bit of testing in games, and after sifting through the bundled configuration software, i can't find anything which even relates to 5.1 through the Toslink, it's all in stereo.
Someone on another site suggested the
'Creative DDL connect' pack which considering the price i'm considering for just a few quid (will that work with my card considering it's not actually an X-fi card?)

but really, Is there any way i can get the functionality into this card(Through drivers etc), or should i consider maybe shelling out for a Titanium card for what i was wanting from the card?
I don't really want to fault creative, but they haven't exactly been clear about this card
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  1. Forgot to add, I have Windows 7 professional 64-bit OS
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