Window 7 dell datasafe big problem! help! emergence!

I open the computer and it said my problem so it auto help me to fix it , but it fail , I decide to use dell date safe 2.0 local backup to recover my system , I select clean all the files and go back to the original window 7 but recovery process finish in 1 second , I restart the computer but the problem still in here , it still say my computer has some problem and auto help me to fix, but it fail again . I can't recover my system and can't open window 7 . I can't break this circle , I notice that the dell datasafe doesn't work , it can't recover the system . Can anyone help me fix it ! Emergency ! I am xps 8500 ! Please help me hurry ! ( Push f8 is useless,only window 7 open option,but it can not open window 7,auto said computer has some problems , jump auto fix (just like I said before))
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