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Just finished my first build, but when i powered up, got a blank screen and a 5 second beep. rearranged some cables and retried, this time it went into the bios, but told me"during the last boot up, system hung for an improper cpu speed setting, " it then informs me to make sure the speed conforms to the cpu specs. I have a 2.4 g p4, and the bios is showing a speed of 2400mghz, why the message?...

mobo-asus p4sdx, 512 m corsair dual channel ram, maxtor 80 gig hdd, msi cdrw 52/24/52

also, (sorry if this doesnt apply in this forum) I cant boot windows xp for install from the cd drive, when I try, the led comes on, shuts off, and nothing happens. may be related to cpu speed problem? dunno, getting frustrated, any help would be appreciated.
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  1. On your first boot, if the BIOS didn't detect something properly, it can hang... then it defaults to some lower settings and boots fine. I wouldn't worry about it. Once you get a new rig to boot into BIOS, go in and select the option for "setup defaults"... That usually gets a new machine up and running (you can tweak settings later)

    As for booting from the CDROM to install your OS, you need to go into the BIOS and set the boot sequence option to have the CDROM boot before the hard drive and then it should boot from your CDROM and off you go!

    Good luck!

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