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I have an HP 694c printer that squawks very loudly when it starts or ends printing. But when I take the cover off it operates fine.I have taken it apart 3 times and it always does the same thing.
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  1. The print head move over the entire lenght of the paper at start and end. Is the print head robbing the cover?
  2. Nope that was not it. The printer for quite awhile had been making a slaming noise when it reached both ends. Then one day it made a noise like a train wreck. I could see that plastic tape behind the carriage had came off the hook. So I removed the cover to reattach the tape. Just to make sure that the tape stayed on I bent the hook that it hooks to. When I reassemblied the squacking noise began. Since my last post I unbent the hook and most of the squacking went away. I think or imagine that the carriage is more to the left when I open the lid. If I unplug the the printer when the cariage is in the center position and move it to the exact center the noise goes away. I don't know what I did but if anyone else has this problem try these steps Mike
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