I need to connect my dell inspiron lapton into a hdtv

I have a dell inspiron 1400 and I want to connect it to a HDTV with an HDMI input. I was just wondering what cable I need exactly..
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  1. hdmi standard male to male cable, there is however a bug in windows 7 and vista where you will sometimes get sound through the tv and sometimes not, what you need to do is start up windows media centre, then select tasks, general, media centre setup and then select speakers setup, select the hdmi option hit the test function select yes to hearing sound ok whether you did or not then finish your films and media files will play from laptop to hdtv no problem, but remember when you are finished to use laptop only with sounds you must reverse it and instead of selecting hdmi option in media centre setup simply select laptop speakers option and you will have sound back to your laptop. Ally
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