Windows NetMeeting won't accept call over Internet

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I set up Windows NetMeeting and it works within my LAN with a local IP address.
But when I try to make a call in Netmeeting over the Internet I immediately
receive message 'The other did not accept your call'.
I set the firewall to open up ports 1720, 1503, 389, & 522.
Any idea what is causing this problem?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)

    Hi Ron , I could be dead wrong , but I'm sure that the directory service for
    netmeeting has migrated over to MSN messenger.

    If you're getting an instant message telling you the user did not accept
    your call , it's more than likely that a firewall's in play on either side.

    Try this article , might help. From KB 158623
    TCP connections on ports 522, 389, 1503, 1720 and 1731
    UDP connections on dynamically assigned ports (1024-65535).

    Adding an exception for the application on the firewall settings might help.
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