Can burn audio files, can't burn mp3's on same disk and burner.

I can burn a normal audio cd, yet i can not get it to burn mp3's (data cd, also says for mp3's in software) i have tried a few burning programs and always get the same result. so i figure its a windows 7 issue. any ideas?
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  1. Of course it must be a Windows 7 issue, and the other 500 million users of Windows 7 just haven't discovered it yet.

    Or perhaps, if you provided a little more information.

    What kind of disc's. Brand and type. By your title I would assume you are using the same disc for both audio and data, and depending on the disc type may not be possible.

    What burner?
    What burning software (a few different ones is not helpful) and versions?
    What is the error message from the burning software?
  2. It's a windows 7 thing. You need Windows 3.1 to burn mp3's.
  3. wow 2 smart ass answers in one topic, so i guess Microsoft operating systems are all flawless and never have driver issues. I guess not even any .dll issues. thanks but no, i'll seek my answers where the assholes don't roam. have a great night and by the way *** off. Admins please delete my account, for i will not waste the time i have on this planet ever coming back to a site where you seem to have a over abundance of douche bags.
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