Processors Cooling Issues AMD or Intel better?

I have to buy a new PC. Haven't decided on the processor AMD or Intel. Need help there. Going to use it for gaming mostly. 2.4 Ghz P4 or Athlon 2500XP+ are my options. I'm going for the ASUS motherboard in any case. As i haven't owned a high end pc in over 3 years, i've been scared quite regularly by over heating horror stories. The casing i'm getting is quite standard 60 dollar casing and yes it has two fans. But the issue at heart being do both of those processors have heating issues and whats the worst that could happen. Also i have quite a bit of experience with installing hardware (pci cards, harddisks, cdroms e.t.c.) but haven't really attempted a m board and processor installation. If any of you have any experience is it just as easy to install AMD or Intel processors? I really need help as to which processor to buy. Because i don't mind spending the extra 50 dollars for the Intel but is it worth it? It would only be worth it for me if you told me AMD's overheat much more readily and there is a much higher chance of them frying. Sorry for the bother. Also if any of you know any NICE casings for desktops that are 60 dollars or under please do tell. At the same time look up the Accessories - Motherboard category in toms hardware guide shopping and check out the third ASUS accessory. It's a 5.25 bay size accessory which has an LCD panel that attaches to ASUS M boards and displays fan speeds and processor heats. Not bad for 30 bucks.

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  1. Despite what some people say in this forum, both cpus are perfectly safe and easy to install. There shouldnt be ANY overheating unless you dont install the hsf correctly or dont plug the fan in etc.....

    P.S the barton 2500 is a "cool" cpu.
  2. Really it's not as much of an issue as most people think, just make sure you have the fan attached correctly and securely. If the intel overheats it will just throttle itself down to dirt slow (you'll know...) and most of the decent amd motherboards prevent thermal meltdown of the chip from standard use, the only concern occurs when you bang the pc hard enough to knock the fan off the chip.

  3. There is NO overheating issues with either CPU. On the ASUS Moobo`s AMD has the COP tech and intel have the thermal throtteling tech. Both technologies save the CPU in the event of the HSF coming off the CPU. But that is pretty unlikely anyway. The best one would be the Barton as not only is it a lot cheaper than the Pee4 but also it produces less heat too.

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  4. I agree with all the above posters.

    I would like to point out, though, that new high-end Socket A coolers are becoming less and less frequent. AMD has done this to us themselves, partially; Socket478 coolers also happen to fit Socket754 systems, and everyone knows that Athlon64 is the wave of the (distant) future (like anyone would <i>move</i> their current HSF to an A64). Tough break, but not unforseeable.

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