New gaming headset. Possibly 5.1

Hello everyone!

I am buying a new headset for gaming, but i cant decide which one shall I pick.
I have a 7.1 intergrated sound card into my P7P55D-E PRO motherboard, so you now I can use 7.1 sound.
The price should be around 70-80 euros, maybe 90.

The headsets I have already took a look, but couldnt decide:

Roccat Kave
Steelseries V2 USB

Are they Kave ones realy good because I have been looking at them quite a lot but I am just not sure?

Should I go with a USB plus 3.5mm input or USB only?
Whats the difference.

Please show me some more headsets, because I dont know a lot about this market.
Does it actually pay of buying a 5.1 surround headset? The kaves should be crystal clear sound, but they should be weird at low vol. How low doest low mean(maybe youtube video)?
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  1. Any headset/headphone claiming a 5.1/7.1 surround sound experience is basically providing virtualized audio.. They do so by providing specific placements for the drivers and then using the software to channelize the sound.. Thus, most of them come with a USB plug as they require drivers of their own and cannot take advantage of any sound card present (on board or discrete).. Now for recommendations, how much is your budget.? The Creative Sound Blaster Arena, Logitech G35 are few options for you to look upto..
  2. I posted the price in my first thread, so its up to 90 euros.
    I am kinda looking at the Siberia V2 now, but the USB version is kinda expensive and I read that only with a good sound card the Non-USb version has good sound.
    Is mine intergrated sound card good or is it just some rubbish.
  3. kozeljko said:
    Is mine intergrated sound card good or is it just some rubbish.

    Its for you to find out.. With a USB headset, you anyway wont be using the sound card be it onboard or discrete.. The USB device will be detected as a separate sound card/device.. There may also be a driver cd for the headset.. Every headset with 5.1 sound spec rating comes with a USB interface.. For your budget, the Creative Sound Blaster Arena will be a good option.. Its highly improbable but if you can get a demo before purchase, it'll be good..
  4. Hmm what do you think.
    Should I go with a Siberia Full sized Headset(is it V1 or separet trademark) or with a Siberia V2 without USB?
  5. EDIT: Edit found new Siberia v2 wihtout USB on Ebay for(with shipping) 50euros.
    Does it pay off without a USb card?
    Thats basicly my question. Does the USB card make such a difference in sound quality.
    Another thing. Could someone compare with sound qulaity of the non USB ones to a Plantronics Gamecom 367?
  6. The type of connector used (USB or 3.5mm or 6.3mm) does not play a role with sound quality.. Some devices come with USB connectivity because there'll be need for specific drivers to run them.. Others which come with the more proprietary connectors rely on the sound card (on board or discrete) which has its own drivers..
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