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I need drivers for my Sony Vaio Laptop Model PCG-K33 using Windows 7. It came with XP and I have upgraded to Win 7 and have no drivers. Can you give me any ideas about where to find the drivers especially for the display.
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  1. If you go to the Sony support page and look for your model you will be able to get the drivers there. You can also get them individualy from the different parts makers but that will take longer.
  2. The Sony support page does not have any Windows 7 drivers listed for my Vaio model... only XP and Vista. Do you think those drivers would work with Windows 7?
  3. What you will have to dois to take each component seeratly and go to the manufacturers site to see if they have a Win. 7 driver. For example the builtin sound chip is a Realtek AC97 so you would have to go to the Realtek site and get a Win 7 driver there.
    The other way of doing this is to go to the Microsoft support site and see if they have a selection of drivers there.
    I would have thought that when you loaded Windows 7 there would have been some generic drivers on the disc for the different components in the laptop.
  4. I thought Windows 7 would have all the drivers also..... the only thing I have found SO FAR that is not performing correcting is the Display........ Windows 7 loads a generic VGA driver and I'm not sure what I need to even look for because the Sony site does not list a driver for the display.
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    Can you identify what the video component is? Are you using an intergrated graphics chip or is there a mobile graphics card ? Can you go into device manager and look at what it says for video card ?
    Then once you have identified the component you vcan go to that support site and get the driver.
  6. Thank you so much for your help. I am thrilled to find a site that actually give some help. Thank you. I will see what I can find out about the graphics chip or card and go from there. I really appreciate your help.
  7. Your Welcome.
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  9. I appreciate the help I got from this website... turns out there is no windows 7 driver for this particular computer. I checked with Sony, Microsoft, and the graphics card company. No driver......... So I did the unthinkable.... restored my original system.
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