Are Gateway laptops junk ?

I was debating between a Samsung or Gateway laptop. The Gateway seems to have better specs for the price, but I am told that Gateway is Junk, is this true ?
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  1. I think I would go with Samsung -- or Lenovo or Toshiba.
  2. I got the NV5214u from Gateway for $479 (Athlon64 X2, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD,15.6" LED LCD, great webcam, multi-in-1 card reader) and it's working great for 9 months now. Even slid from the table (on a platform) about a meter high and nothing bad happened. I have it in triple-boot (winxp, win7, and fedora 12) and have no issues with it whatsoever.
  3. iv seen better luck with dells then any other brand sadly enough - see what they have to offer
  4. I've been using gateway for about three years now. I had a plain Core 2 Duo Gateway way laptop that worked great and as you said for the specs it was the best deal at the time. I upgraded to a Gateway P-6860FX have had that for about two years now and I absolutely love it. I have had not problems with either of the Gateway laptops. I sold the previous one to a friend and it's still going strong no issues what so ever. They are really good quality. No I had a Dell Laptop a while back as well and I had propblems with it. Where the charger would not charge the battery, it would only power the laptop. Google it and you'll see that there are numerous people with this same problem when it comes to dell.... Just my two cents.
  5. My Gateway NV53 is junk! I can't read the screen except at night. The worthless mouse pad moves the cursor to a new line if you even touch it. It is a piece of crap! I will never buy another Gateway as long as I live. Their logo of holstien cows should portray the area under the tail instead of the stomach.
  6. mlindsayme said:
    I was debating between a Samsung or Gateway laptop. The Gateway seems to have better specs for the price, but I am told that Gateway is Junk, is this true ?

    Hey, I was wondering if you decided/purchased a gateway or the samsung? Im currently in the same dilemma, BestBuy has a sale for a Gateway with better specs than a Toshiba & Samsung for about $100 lower price...not too many reviews out there...I am actually a fan of HP due to the design, but overheating issues make me want to try something new.

    Since laptops should get replaced every 4yrs-ish, i'm hoping to get a decent price on a Gateway or Samsung, both look sleek, but i will say i like the Keyboard on the samsung and toshiba laptops more than the gateways--but thats something i could get used to for 100 less...

    Anyway, if you could please post--what was the verdict and results of your experience with what you got?
  7. I currently own 2 gateway desktops for about 2 years. Sorry to say they are both junk. Both have hardware issues and by the time I pay a computer repairman and put the parts in I can buy a new quality computer elsewhere. It is my opinion ever since Gateway was sold they are now junk. I bought this overpriced junk at Best Buy, home of the cheap junk computers.
  8. I bought a 17 inch Gateway and the hinge broke. I took it back and they said they didn't have any replacement cases so my laptop was done. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than buy another Gateway product.
  9. Yes, they are junk:

    The laptops are the biggest pieces of crap in terms of hardware and durability. Their customer service policies are despicable, and you're always going to be paying just to have a working machine. After 2 pcs, $700 in fees, huge waits for repairs, dead usb ports, multiple dead batteries, dead aux ports, and multiple dead power ports, I've finally had enough. Do not buy from this company, I beg of you. Don't let them have the satisfaction of winding you around their finger. No matter how nice the backplate looks. What sent me over the edge was that they wanted to charge me $249 to repair a discontinued mid-to-low-level spec laptop that they no longer have parts to... The only company I've seen that's worse that Gateway is possibly EA... But that's only a possibility.

    If you want a good pc, buy from Acer (NOT GATEWAY), Asus, or Alienware. Desktops; make them yourself. No better quality specifying than picking your own parts.
  10. Well, i have a Gateway and it was broken the moment i got it. But let me explain, i only received it because it was broken- family members know i love taking them apart, and this one sure was easy as hell to take apart. The HDD had something loose inside, it was sliding about. The case was solid enough, and it gave me a quality feel. However it's worth noting this was a 13-year-old laptop (2001) and their quality may have/probably has changed since then.
  11. Hi mlindsayme,

    I have two Gateways and I have to say, there were junk. My first one had to be sent back to the manufacturer to fix an overheating problem two weeks after I got it. The second at least waited a year before manifesting the same problem. In my opinion Gateway should be sued for marketing faulty equipment. Granted, they are cheap, but for someone on a tight budget, you can't afford to keep buying new equipment
  12. gateways are the best laptops for the money imo. i was looking for somthing cheap ($600 after tax brand new) 5 years ago that played new games on medium. My laptop did better than that and the cooler fan takes overclocks well if i would feel so inclined. Just take care of it, and it will take care of you. ie, buy a cooling station. Basically used this as a desktop that i can take to school and stuff. Exceptional build quality, and cheap price not sure what else to say. Works as good if not better(optimized storage) than when i first purchased. Not one hardware issue. BTW not sure if gateway is still around which would be a shame, but wont buy an acer if that's the case.
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