Looking for Good 1080P TV for new PS3. Any recommendations.

Evening guys, little lady got me a PS3 for my Birthday, and the old TV I have just doesnt have the proper Hookups, to do it Justice. So now off to TV shopping. Looking for recommendations for new 1080P HDTV. Would you recommend Plasma, LED, LCD, and would I go with HDMI, S-video,or DVI? As far as size wise, have also heard to stay away from the larger screens due to refresh rates. Normally only do computer gaming, so looking for some new addiction before new star wars come out. =) Play a ton of Ninja Gaiden GoW, so needing something that can keep up.
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  1. I personally like my 42" Samsung. You will definitely want to use HDMI on the PS3 to achieve 1080p.

    Be very careful and look at the detailed spec's... When I bought mine it was advertised as "HD Ready" which is totally different to true 1080p.
    Mine basically upscales and the native res is only 1024x768 with it being an older 4series samsung plasma. Which sucks when using it for my HTPC.
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