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I have an Asus A7V motherboard, and I'd like to upgrade the Thunderbird 800 to the fastest processor I can put in. I was looking at the Thunderbird 1.3 and I noticed that it has a FSB of 266, but my motherboard has an FSB of 200. Do I need to have the same FSB on the processor as the motherboard? In that case, it looks like the Thunderbird 1.1 is as high as I can go.

I'll also sneek in one more question. I want to buy another stick of RAM. Should I get one with the same CAS as the current stick of RAM I have, or does it matter?

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  1. I'd chech the manufacter of the motherboard for what CPU will work with it.

    As for the memory goes. They will only ran as fast as the slowest module. If what you have is cas3 and you buy cas2, the cas2 will run at cas3.

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  2. If your motherboard only supports 100mhz (200fsb) then your best bet would be a Duron 1300. They're pretty quick and they run cooler than Athlons.

    You could get an Athlon or an XP chip to work in that board, but you would not get full speed out of it... an XP1800 would actually end up slower than the Duron 1300... so unless you are planning to replace the board soon, I doubt that's much of a solution for you.

    For your memory question... it's always better to run matched memory whenever possible. When you mix them up you wind up with both strips of memory behaving like the slower of the two and in cases of severe mismatch, it may not work at all.

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