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First time building a computer, looking for opinions and observations. If anything looks like it wouldnt be compatable with something else, let me know. Ive got this old FIC SD11 motherboard Slot A K700MHZ computer here i can take parts from if need be.

Case: Maxtop CSX-147K2F
Power Supply: Antec 430 Watt
Motherboard: Asus K7N8X
Proccessor: AMD Athlon XP 2800 Barton
System Ram: Corsair Memory XMS PC3200 400MHZ 2x512MB
Hard Drive: Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM Eide
CDRW Drive: Lite On 52x24x52 LTR-52246S
DVD Drive: Lite On 16x XJ-HD166S
Sound Card: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live. Dolby Digital 5.1
Speakers: Logitech THX Certfied Z560 4.1 (400W(188W sub))
Fans: Case Fan: Enermax Thermal Control 80MM (case comes with 1 in the top and 1 in the side, so getting this to pull air on the front)
CPU Fan: Cooler Master HHC-001 Pure Copper
Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon 9500 128MB DDR Bulk

Ordering from newegg. Price: $ 1,305.43 Including shipping
Everything look good? Want more information about any stuff, let me know.
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  1. * If you're going to get a sound card, I would replace the Live! with a turtle beach santa cruz or Hercules Fortissimo III.

    * I would subsitute the Lite-On DVD drive for a Pioneer Slot-load dvd drive. Though, Lite-On makes quality products.

    * There has been much positive user feedback on the Cooler Master HAC-V81 Heatsink+Fan - cheap and good.

    * Make sure you get the "Special Edition" version of that WD hard drive.

    * I would subsitute the Case and power supply for an Antec case with an included power supply.
  2. are you gonna be overclocking your 2800 Barton? if not, the ddr 400 is a waste, go for DDR333 instead
    and do you mean A7N8X? i'm not familiar with a K7N8X
    and if you DO mean the A7N8X, i think you can forego the SB Live and just use the integrated sound on the deluxe mobo. it'll save lots of cash, and you probably won't notice a difference - the integrated soundstorm is supposedly amazing

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  3. Don't buy a sound card. Instead buy an nForce2 mobo with nForce APU. I would recommend MSI K7N2G-ILSR.

    <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/game/20030405/index.html" target="_new"> Read this THG article</A>. This article shows that nForce2 is better than Audigy2 for gaming. And it's much better than SB Live! (found in another article, in Anandtech)

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  4. I'd also look into a different sound solution. The SB Live series of cards have poor driver support for WinXP.

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  5. I also suggest the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz over the Creative, driver support is better.
    I saw no mention of the intended OP/SYS but only Win2K and WinXP will be able to handle that much RAM, I would go with WinXP Pro. My biggest change suggestion is the CoolerMaster HHC-001 its a poor performer and a waste of money, I know because I've got one myself sitting in a box, even with Artic Silver 3 it never performed as advertised, and was annoyingly loud, the high pitch from the 60mm fan is very irritating, when it comes to high speed fans the smaller the fan size the higher the sound pitch, I'm running the Vantec Aeroflow with the 70mmTMD fan, its quiet, keeps my temps under extreeme load around 42c w Artic Silver 3, and won't kill your budget, Thermaltake has also picked up on this same design. The best air cooling solutions to date are turning out to be the copper core/ aluminum fin designs, even if you don't go with the Aeroflow look for a heatsink with those characteristics. I assume you'll be ordering what you need and if you are heres a good, dependable and trustworthy site, I buy from them myself, and have had no problems with them at all.

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