MItac 8640 clone will not boot up

I'm trying to fault my son's laptop an oldish Mesh 8640 a clone of the Mitac machine.
It will not boot up at all not even to the bios screen nor will it POST.
The orange led is light if the psu is connected and when the power button is pressed the fans will spin for 5 to 20 seconds or so then shut down. There is no video display at all.
It is stripped down at the moment as I was expecting to find the processor or the motherboard burnt out but everything looks fine. Except the cpu, pentium 4 2.53ghz has no thermal paste on there and the heatsink likewise, there is a silver foil bonded to heatsink only but no thermal paste. Could this cause the machine to fail with symptoms described.
From what I've read elsewhere it seems these laptops are a bit problematic anyway but hoping someone here can help or guide me in the right direction.
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  1. If it's similar to the Mitac/Zoostorm 8252, tried to fix one with a burned out power supply board and I could get no useful response from Mitac (or Zoostorm who referred me to Mitac) . Not impressed as the computer had failed within warranty.

    The silver foil should be as effective as thermal paste -- so probably not the cause of problems.
  2. HI fihart.

    Thanks for the advise. I don't know if these machines are similar or not but not surprised about the response from MITAC. You can't access anything on there site unless you purchased direct from them.
    I raised the silver fiol/pad issue as prior to it failing totally the machine had been freezing or shutting down when it got hot.
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