Sound Card for 5.1?

Hello all. :hello:

I'm currently using the onboard audio from my Gigabyte GA-EX58 UD5 Motherboard with my LG 5.1 Surround Sound via a monster Fibre optics cable... I'm fairly happy with the sound quality but I'm just wondering if I'm getting the most from my 5.1.

I have roughly £100 to spend on a Sound Card, So would it be worth it to get a sound card and if so which one? I use my 5.1 when watching movies, playing games and listening to music.

Thanks for any input. :sol:
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  1. Have you tried this yet?

    When watching movies, I turn everything on my SoundBlaster card to default and use the PowerDVD system for any enhancement.

    I use the FX sound for some music only, for gaming does not matter because the sound is already digitally enhanced. But That's just me.

    If your priority is gaming then go nowhere else but SoundBlaster Cards. For anything else is Zonar and Azuntech or its cousins.
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