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Hello, I have had problems with my xbox 360 HDMI and my TV, not sure if this is the right place to post about this, but I thought I would anyhow,

Anyways I had an xbox 360 elite and didnt play on it for a few months, And then I went on it With a HDMI cable, but on the tv on 1080p the graphics look awful, should look 10 times better, so i assumed my xbox was broke. I went and bought a new xbox, and the same thing.. :/ tried anouther hdmi cable, same problem, although when I try on my tv downstairs or on my friends tv, it looks perfect, so I took the tv back to the shop which was a Logik 22" 1080p HD tv, replaced it with a Logik 26" 1080p HD ready. Its A Logik L26DIGB21 If that helps and when I got home same problem :/ so using a VGA cable for now , I'm wondering if anyone had any ideas of what the problem could be
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  1. Try unplugging the TV for a couple of minutes then plug everything back in.
  2. Trust me already done that, On two diffrent Tv's too
  3. Well i haven't heard of that brand of TV. If your equipment works well on a different tv it might be the TV itself. Did you try plugging the tv into a different outlet? The tv might be also getting a weird signal if there is some device next to it or cords are around it. First i would try the TV in a different outlet all together with your Xbox with nothing else plugged in, with no surge protector or power strip. If it still does that then it could just be the Tv brand itself. But if it does stop then you can try it with the surge protector or power strip if you have it hooked up. If you get the bad graphics it's most likely your surge protector or power strip, and i recommend a good surge protector (power strips won't protect your equipment). I still have a CyberPower surge protector that has been running excellent for about 6 years.
  4. Yeah using a xbox 360 av to vga cable and it woks fine, just wanted to get the best graphics out of it, and tried an av hd xbox 360 cable too but for some reason cant get it working on hd, just showing on normal mode not hd and hmm ill give it a go and see if its works with nothing else plugged in
  5. just tried on its on and no still the same, Anouther thing, Im using my pc using hdmi too onto the tv and it works fine, even on games at max settings, looks fine but on xbox look awful
  6. Also, what's the HD Video Output on the TV? Check the manual to see if it supports 720P.
  7. Hmmm... well it seems that the Xbox won't work with that brand. There must be some kind of interference to cause that problem. Does the graphic problem exist in the Xbox menu screen as well or is it just games? Probably the best thing to is to talk to Microsoft about Xbox not working right on your TV, if it's a common thing they might already be aware of that certain TV brand wont work with the HDMI inputs.
  8. Yeah it says

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