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So, I like to play video games, and I was wondering, what's the maximum best input lag for gaming? I know the best is the lowest MS, But still, What is the best? Could I probably get a decent TV for gaming cheap? Do most TV sets nowadays play games with ease? I mostly play shooters, so let's base it on that. Any other weird numbers I should look out for aside from "ms" input lag? Sorry, I'm all kind of new to this, and I don't want to screw up or anything D: . Also, I'm not asking for recomendations on certain sets, Just in general.

Bottom line, Can I most likely get a decent TV that's good enough for gaming for somewhat cheap ($500 or lower, just a small room)? Sorry for the weird, specific questions, I'm a bit confused, since I just learned about input lag :x
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  1. most tv's will not give you issue with input lag,, some people say they can perceive it on some models, but i think it is only people that are highly sensitive to it and when they try to show it in pictures it is like half a frame difference between the PC monitor and the TV-- but that can be the refresh rate difference though.

    I have gamed on several older model LCDs and have not had any issues,, you will just want a tv with good refresh times (5ms or less) to avoid ghosting - that would be a bigger problem,, also avoid plasma as you can cause burn in with gaming.
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