Cleaning recommendations for Dell U3011 monitor?

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"I've searched the forum for a while and found lots of conflicting information. The best advice (I believe) I found was an article to "how-to-clean-lcd-monitors"


- Before cleaning remove the dust and any pet hair build up by using a soft dry lint free cloth or microfiber cleaning cloth and very gently remove from the screen.

- Do not press hard, push, prod or rub excessively against the screen surface.
Now dampen the cloth with some special LCD flat screen cleaner, distilled water or a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (do not use tap water as it leaves deposits and residue).

- Make sure to spray the cleaner onto your cloth first and not directly onto the monitor screen.

- Gently wipe the screen with the moistened cloth in a circular motion and do not leave any liquid on the screen surface.

I have two Dell U3011's. I use the monitors for work and they would be fairly expensive to replace, so I'd really appreciate if someone can share a safe and effective method for cleaning them. Here are pics of the screen:

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  1. That method you linked to is fine, you don't even really need an LCD cleaner, just a touch of water on the cloth will do.
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