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Do they make capture cards for laptops, such as a pyro firewire card, so you can plug your DV camcorder into the comp via firewire cable and stream in video (like on a desktop)? Is this available on comps to order or buy from the store or do you have to buy the hardware seperately or is not possible or...??

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  1. Avermedia and Pinnacle make PC Card capture cards. there are a bunch of manufacturers of USB capture cards. don't know if these will meet your needs, but might be worth investigating.
  2. I think your best bet is to go with a USB2.0 capture card assuming your notebook has USB2.0 (or firewire). Alternately, I know that Sager/Eurocom notebooks as well as the new Toshiba Satellite all have built in TV Tuner cards that should capture well enough.


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  3. Do you have links on PCMCIA capture cards? I'd love to see them. I went to avermedia and didnt find one and cant find pinnacle's website.
  4. Was thinking about a TV card (often called capture card) that has a TV tuner, evidently I doubt they make those in PC cards. The USB 1.0 TV tuner is not recommended and more people hate it than there are who like it. ATI and Win TV makes them if you are still intersted.
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