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ok heres the story. a couple days ago i got a dlink wireless router and 2 dlink wireless pci cards. i set it up easily on my Hewlett Packard and Dell laptop and it works fine. but on my computer (built), when its loading the drivers, i get blue screens and countless errors. then after i reboot, it will start to load the windows desktop and all of a sudden just restart. ive tried formatting & installing win98se and winME many times only to get the same problem. im convinced its an irq conflict because my others comps, with the same OS, work perfectly using the wireless cards.
so, how do i change the cards IRQ, and most impotantly to what??

is the IRQ # even the problem? i-need-help!
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  1. This happens on BOTH the laptop and the desktop?

    Anyway, can you give a little more info on your desktop, for instance:

    What other expansion cards are in it (sound card, modem, SCSI, etc)?

    What motherboard? What processor? How big a power supply?

    Which Dlink wireless cards are you using?

    Have you tried removing all other non-essential expansion cards to see if the Dlink doesn't crash?

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