How do i put jack plugs on 6 x 2 wire speakers

I have 2 x front speakers, 2 x rear speakers, 1 centre speaker and a subwoofer which at present are all connected to a DVD (surround sound set up with 2 x bare wires on each) I need jack plugs for each speaker. I want to put all these speakers on my computer which I am putting on my TV! I have a Creative X-Fi Titanium sound card in my computer with 6x jack sockets and dig.optical in and out sockets. Is it possible?

Can you please help?
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  1. You should not.

    Your bare wire uses high current from your all in one home theatre DVD/Amp system. Connecting the speakers directly to your low power sound card and you'll be sticking your head to the speaker just to hear any sounds.

    What is the make and model of you All in one HT anyway? Check if there's any input at the back, you may have red and white/black as an stereo unless it's multiple audio input. It would say Audio Input with a group of 3 red RCA and 3 white or black RCA. If there's digital input then consider yourself lucky, check you X-Fi how to use SPDIF and connect the SPDIF digital input port on your DVD player then , otherwise use the analog.

    Another option is to get an Amplifier which you may need a DVD player or/and speakers depending on your all in one home theatre system.
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