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I just got a new computer. It is an HP Pavilion P7-1234. Now, I am an avid gamer, and have seen that the graphics card in this computer is the only aspect that is not above recommended for most of the games I play. I have also noted that it has an integrated graphics card. I am unsure if I am able to get a more powerful graphics card and apply that, due to my current one not being dedicated and irremovable. Am I able to install a new graphics card? Should I worry too much about the integrated one I have at the moment?

Graphics card specs: AMD Radeon HD 6530D
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  1. I'm hoping we're talking desktop here...
    Your integrated graphics is part of the AMD APU in your machine. You also have a PCIe x16 slot that you can fill with a graphics card for a performance increase. You do not need an expensive card there but I'm at a loss of what card to put in that slot for best performance - you are somewhat limited by the 300W power supply.
    For your own shopping purposes, you're looking for an inexpensive graphics card, PCIe x16 - you could go up to PCIe x16 2.1 that has a power requirement 300W or less. I would stick with AMD/ATI cards...
    good luck
  2. Thank you for the assistance!
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