Will headphones amplifier improve anything?

I own ASUS XONAR D1 audio card and Razer Carcharias headset. I know that the headset isn't so good but back then when I bought it I wasn't so much into audio stuff. Anyways, having my hardware specs(http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=6p3ZFmkwzIKPTYLk) in mind do you think getting a headphones amp will improve anything? I have my eyes on things like Tube Amplifier 12AU7, CMOY, Banzai, etc. and DIY stuff(ebay). So do you think my sound quality will improve or it's pointless with the given audio card?
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  1. if u wanna get a new headphone amp, dont use it on headphones like razer. u only need headphone amps, to drive sets with high impedence really.
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