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Hi guys i am in India...

I will be going to college within a few months.....and i dont have a laptop yet..i am completely a windows user but my friends insisted me to go for a mac..

I Will do...

Learn C++ , Java and other programming..
Web Browsing..

I Wont do....

Photoshops and Art works...

If the Mac is suitable for Mainly mainly C++ , HTML 5 , Visual Basic and Java then i would surely opt for a mac it worth it...i would certainly be buying the Macbook air with a 128GB SSD
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    Apple i hear is good with video editing, art works, ect.. but it's entirely up to you. Does your school recommend Apple or PC? If it doesn't matter with them, i would stick with a PC as you are already familiar with Windows. If you have never used an Apple PC you're going to have to learn how to use the OS & most likely you'll want a reliable system that you know a bit under the hood in case of a problem.

    If i was in your position i would get a PC. As for brands i've stuck with HP/Compaq.
  2. I agree. Go with what you're most comfortable with
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