Realtek Audio Manager (again)

Hey does anyone have any idea where I can download the Realtek HD Audio Manager ?? Cos the embedded softwear that was installed with Vista H.Premi seems to have taken a stroll and Ive got no sound at all and I miss it BWAAaaahh!!!! Come home lovely softstuff alls forgiven
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  1. Here's the link, the file comes with driver and realtek manager.

    Ops! forgot to put the link. :)
  2. I am having similar problems. The link indicates where you can get the basic driver. Infact if you read the driver information it specifically says DRIVER ONLY. I need to get the audio manager software part. This is not on their website. Does anyone know where it can be found?
  3. joe2173, check the following driver you need and link I posted above has the audio manager software.
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