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I am pretty sure but I want to be positive before putting out the $$$'s. I have a dual Pentium 3 Dell workstation running @ 100 FSB. Someone has two faster CPU's for sale but they are 133 FSB & it is an as-is sale only guaranteed NOT DOA. If I install them in my workstation they will just revert to running @ the 100 FSB correct? The only thing I am not sure about is will they lose speed as well. IE: drop in MHz say for example from 700 to 633?
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  1. If your board doesn't support 133fsb chips, they will run at 100 and you will lose speed as a result... 33% to be exact.

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  2. Since it is a Dell I assume that I cannot speed up FSB thru bios to regain lost speed. No utilities/ programs around that can over ride the bios settings?
  3. Look at your motherboard to find the model number, maybe Dell used something off the shelf. Then look up that MB on the manufacturers website. It will say 66/100/133 FSB or something like that. I would imagine that it is not capable of the higher bus speed since Dell would put the minimum in.
  4. It isn't really about the BIOS... the motherboard itself may not have the ability to run 133FSB speeds. You would have to look up the motherboard on the net and see what it's capabilities are...

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  5. What chipset? If it's a BX chipset you can't go above 100 without using an overclocking utility. i820 and i840 support 133MHz bus speeds.

    There is no such thing as a 700 with 133MHz bus. There was the 733, running it at 100MHz bus would make it run at 550MHz.

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  6. Unfortunately it is a BX chipset. What type of utilities are available? Could you recommend one? Thx!
  7. Normally I'd slap you senseless for using the term "unfortunately" in reference to the almighty BX, but for OEM boards you get the 100MHz cap (Abit had BX boards that clocked up to 200MHz bus!). The software for overclocking the bus...I recommend SoftFSB. CPUFSB works also, which is also part of the larger CPUCool program.

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  8. Yeah you could use some softprogram like softfsb, however yoiur ram also must be able to handle the increased bus speed you apply and so too must the AGP and PCI speeds as they are tied to the FSB.
    At some point your system will become unstable due to the high FSB/PCI speeds.

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