Windows 7 Installation Keeps Asking for Device Drivers

Whenever I try installing Windows 7 on my new portable laptop, it always says "unable to find device drivers". I install it through usb flash disk as it doesn't have a dvd rom drive. I can browse to find the drivers on the Intel 330 SSD (replaced the hdd that came with the laptop), and a drive X: where I think is the temporary drive that windows use to run the installation setup, but I can no longer find the usb flash drive from which I booted windows installation setup from. And thus, unable to continue to install windows.

I had earlier successfully installed Windows 7 from the same usb disk the first time I did it, when the laptop and ssd were still raw and unformatted. I split the 120gb ssd to 50 and 60gb, however I wasn't able to format the 50gb system drive as windows setup wouldn't let me. This is my first time working around with a ssd, and windows wouldn't let me format it the first time I installed windows, is that okay? So after installing Windows 7, the 60gb partition didn't show up initially, and I was like wtf now I only have 50gb of drive space, but then I went to the control panel and somehow was able to make the other partition to show up. Then I realized I installed too many junk on it and I also wanted to repartition the ssd. So after like a few hours after I did the first install, I tried to reformat it again but the installation won't continue as it's now asking for the device drivers. I tried the usb stick on a desktop and on an older laptop and there was no problem.

So what do you guys think is the problem why the windows installation fails to detect the usb flash disk after loading the windows installation setup, keeps asking for device drivers, and thus unable to continue the installation? TIA
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