Weird Temp w/Pentium 4 3.06ghz

I have never had such a weird experience with a cpu like this one.

Let me remind you that at first my temps got all the way up to 60C and the fan was going at 6000rpms and had a very high pitch sound and was loud an annoying. that was then. Temps then ranged from 50 to 60.

48 hours go by now.

after playing with the heatsink and fan stocked by Intel, the RPMs dropped to 3300 and is quite now. No more high pitch sounds. Keep in mind the temps still ran up to 58C.

The temps are weird and i'm not sure which to go by. With winbond hardware detector the temps 39, 40, 42. In the bios the temps were 43, 44, and 45. this is idle temps. the temp difference is from 3-4. which to believe i don't know. But i'm going with winbond and you can just tag on 3-4 if you wish.

after another 24 hours of my computer running at FULL load it seems the the thermal grease might have kicked in as my temps kept dropping while it running on full load. at first it would be at 58, 2 hours later i'll look at it, went don to 57, another 2 hours later went down to 56 and so on. The temps range from 52 - 37. Yes 37. my 2ghz ran hotter at idle. even at 60degree temps. the 2ghz i had always ran at around 40 - 45.

very strange indeed.

what do you guys think of this?

but whatever i did i now completely LOVE this processor. It's amazing!

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  1. I found this to be very Motherboard dependent. My first motherboard with the 3.06 Processor was the Asus P4PE. Idle temp was normally 44C and full Load could reach 60C. Using the Intel HSF...I would get 48C and 65C as I opted for the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ HSF and I was able to control the fan rpm manually.

    Now..with that in mind..I was very dissatisfied with the addition...the P4PE also can't read voltages well as over volting my CPU to 1.65.

    Dumped the P4PE and went with the older / more reliable P4T533-C with the 850 chipset.


    Here's my idle temp: (depends on room temp...but usually is 5C higher than the case temp). temp is 30C...and CPU is 35. Even when my case temp increases to 35...I am getting 39C idle temps. Full load...30C case...58C full load. Case temp 35C...full load 59C.

    Obviously...the difference made my day. I have found that the newer Asus boards are exibiting the same problems. Don't know if it's 845 Chipset related...or new Windbond chips.


    For more info on temperature problems...lots of reading at:


    Do a search and you will find many posts about temperatures
  2. that woudln't help me any because i have an abit board and i'm getting the same temps you are getting now.

    "Bread makes me poop!" - Special Ed

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