Which mousepad for Logitech G500?

I just bought Logitech G500 (my old G5 died :D ), for my old mouse i didnt have any mousepad, just my desk surface. Now that i got new mouse i want to buy some good mousepad. I was looking at Razer Goliathus and some Roccat mousepads. But now im very confused which should i buy, soft mat or hard mat, which company. Which mousepads are the best for logitech G500 mouse?
I will be using my mousepad mostly for gaming, first person shooters.
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  1. Hey tuned!

    Quick Background: I've been a retired pro gamer (of 5 years) for about 1 year now.

    If you're looking for a good mouse pad, it depends on your preference.

    Rough or Cloth surface?

    Rough: Steelseries S&S ($25) or a Razer Sphex ($15)

    The Steelseries S&S is a pad while the Razer Sphex is a piece of paper (it's that thin!) Shop around for the prices.

    Cloth: Steelseries QcK ($10) or a Razer Goliathus ($15)

    The Steelseries QcK has a series. There are small pads for $5 or huge ones for $25.

    Anything else tuned? Be sure to select the best answer!
  2. i have a g500, i switch between Steelseries 4hd and a regular cloth pad because the steelseries pad scratches my feets. Its a plastic pad :pfff:
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