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cheap quick fix

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May 6, 2003 3:25:32 AM

read the post under this to see my situation, but what it comes to is I think it would probably be in my best interest to buy a mobo, cpu, and perhaps memory to get my computer running.

What i need is recommendations for a cheap, but good motherboard that I could pair with a low end athlon XP. Ideally the motherboard should be able to take SDRAM and DDR-RAM since my old system used SD. If not then I will have to buy new memory as well and I don't want to spend that money right now.

hopefully the motherboard can be around $100 Cnd. and I will buy an XP 1700 or 1800.

Thanks ahead of time.

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May 6, 2003 5:05:32 AM

If you need both DDR and SD-RAM I would try either a <A HREF="" target="_new"> MSI KT2 Combo-L </A> or a <A HREF="" target="_new"> ECS K7S5A Pro</A>. I think the K266A is a slightly better chipset, but I had a K7S5A v1.0 and it ran fine for me. Ther is probalby some other choices out there, those are just the two I'm familiar with.

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May 6, 2003 9:08:20 AM

you could also try s a7a266 (ali magik chipset) i picked one up at the weekend for £20 runs as good as any other low end motherboard ive had
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May 7, 2003 6:02:37 AM

Well you wanted cheap, and i found you cheap behold the ECS K7S5A Pro sporting the SIS 735 chipset. It has slots for both! DDR-SDRAM and regular SDRAM. I found it at <A HREF="" target="_new"> </A> for $85!!

Here is info about the board:
<A HREF="" target="_new"> </A>
Here is the link to there motherboard page:
<A HREF="" target="_new"> </A>

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