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I have 200's CD changer in my home theater system. However this machine malfunction frequently , dropping disk inside box , causing their damage.
I'm looking for a device , with ability to play music from disks and also store them to internal hard drive .
This will allow me to store my entire CD collection in one spot , and get instant access to play them without physically re positing.
Is this kind of machine available on the market? If it is , what I should look for?
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  1. You'd have to build a computer with multiple CD ROM drives. You can install up to 6 devices typically on a PC, so you can build a desktop with 1 hard drive and 5 CD drives.
  2. You already have a CD player which has a hard drive -- it's your computer. If you have a gigantic drive you could store the CD tracks as WAV files for quality -- but, if not, MP3s can be created and read by Windows Media Player.
  3. Thank You both for replay.
    Using computer is one of the option what I consider. But I'm wonder if there is some stand alone unit which I can add to home theater setup.
    My computer and home theater setup are located in the different rooms on different floors , and will be not so convenient run to other room
    just to change disk or song or file. My audio equipment is not suitable to accommodate wireless connection and laying wires create some difficulties.
  4. Have a look at Media Servers by Netgear and Buffalo.
  5. Thank You for respond. I'm still loking for another option preferable with stand-alone unit suitable to add to home theater components.
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    i dont think a dedicated CD player can match with a computer in sound quality.
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