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Hi guys, first time joiner second time poster,
ok so my laptop is dead (compaq presario m2000) looked on tinternet and narrowed it down to the motherboard, can't be the power jack as there is no loose wires and nothing else I can see that could be wrong, power pack works fine and the hard drive is fine, so Reading on this site I have been told It could be the CMOS batery and If I take it out it might work, so if I take out the CMOS backup battery put the laptop backtogether,
1: will the laptop even work with out this battery
2: what does this battery do
3: if it does work how long will the laptop last befor it goes bang
4: will this even work
5: has Anyone done this and what happened

Thank you all in advance
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  1. At its simplest the CMOS backup battery supports the BIOS setting -- when it goes flat you lose things like the date and hard drive parameters. Means you have to correct them each time you start the computer.

    Before you start dismantling I would try fully charging the laptop's main battery and see if the BIOS will hold its settings then.

    Though the CMOS battery is usually lithium, not rechargeable, experience has shown that allowing the main battery to stay uncharged (or removing it) seems to drain the CMOS battery. Replacing and charging the main battery seems to prevent problems with the BIOS.
  2. Ahhhh now I don't think I was clear, my laptop is DEAD, power pack works fine (been tested) main battery is shot won't hold charge at all so been powering it by mains (soon as I unplug it it shuts down instantly)
    This laptop was working fine (a bit slow but I can't reset it to factory settings as it didn't come with a restart disk and this is the only model in the world that you can't F11 or whatever it us when it starts to reset it) one day I was using it and it shut down wouldn't turn on I left it for about 5 mins and it turned on fine but one day I went to it and nothing no power no lights not even for a split second, I read on tinternet it's the motherboard then I read it could be the CMOS battery but Reading more I don't know if it is anything to do with this but just thought I would ask if any one knew if this was anything to do with it
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