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  1. Well, what did you want to ask ?
  2. sorry don't know what happened to my original. request. Anyway I have a Gateway 7510gx notebook. Earlier I brought the system out of stand by , Ac was on . Suddenly it switched to battery. I have checked all Cables, outlets, etc. Turned it off and back on. Unplugged everything, waited a bit and turned back on. Still no AC. I tried testing the adapter output with a meter, but don't no if I was doing it right. I have had no problems with this computer until now. If it is not the adapter, what else might it be?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ruth

    I am going to try to re-post this as I don't know what I am doing wrong. There is no button to submit a post.
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    Back to the multimeter -- if the output of the power adapter doesn't match the figure printed on the box (especially if it's zero volts) you need a new adapter.

    Have a look at Radio Shack or e-bay.
  4. Thanks for the info. Will check it out. Staples has universal adapters and will check to make sure that the problem is the adapter. They sell universal adapters, but the price is ptetty steep.$104.00. Gateway wants $70. something for OE, so right now I am checking prices and reviews.Radio Shack sells a Targus universal, $99.00, but has terrible reviews. Any suggestions?
  5. e-bay definitely, you should not have to pay much more than $50.

    If the DC end is a standard plug you could use any notebook power supply of the right voltage (usually around 20 volts) -- I found mine at a flea market.
  6. Mine is 18.5 volts. I figured I'd buy a universal, since this computer is already 4 yrs old and I will probably want an upgrade/ new system before long. Which type of adapter is better? The Targus that Staples has,you just select the tip and it is supposed to be self regulating. The ones I've seen on Ebay, you select your tip and then set the voltage. Oh and I did find out that it is definitly the adapter.
  7. If the computer is 4 years old, spend the minimum !
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