First time builder(first time using forums too)

ive posted a time or two about a new computer. basically im in high school (senior)and dad said he'll give me a 1000 dollars for graduation. so, i want a new computer. its probably gonna be used mostly for gaming and watching dvd's and listening to music. im moving in with him for awhile(divorced parents) and he has a whole 6 channels of tv :P so want a computer to keep myself busy. so anyways, like i said. new computer with a thousand dollars to work with. i can go more, im gonna be working to get more money if i need it, but not over 1300. any suggestions for what to get? what i was looking at is...

asus a7n8x deluxe $137.99
amd xp 2800+ $225.50(unless 2700+ will be good enough $180)
corsair memory xms series, pc2700 333mhz 2x512 $194 ($95 each)
lite on 52x24x52 cdrw $45.50
lite on 16x dvd $33.00
wester dig. 80 gig 8mb 7200 rpm $94.00
Logitech Z560 speakers $139.00

Total(including shipping for this stuff): $900.49

Thats the basics of what i want. i would like to stay around the 1000 dollar price range, but ill go a little higher like i said. no monitor, keyboard, mouse, or OS needed. Is 1 gig of ram overkill for what im doing? Suggestions for: what case, case fans, cpu fans, and power supply. Ill change other things if theres better stuff for tad more or cheaper. also do i need a sound card with this motherboard, heard the built in one is good enough. i might overclock if its easy enough ;)
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  1. Before you order that A7N8X motherboard... do some forum searches for it. Note that a lot of traffic here has been about that board and nobody's bragging!

    You may want to look into a different Motherboard. The rest should be fine.

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  2. Soltek, make some great boards. Look into the SL-72FRN2, boards. I have a SL-75FRN2-RL ($92.00 from and I love it. Also you really don't need that much ram, go with 2x256 (corsair makes good memory chips).
  3. You could even go with a Barton 2500. <A HREF="" target="_new">newegg</A> has them for $133 retail. That would be plenty to play new games. The more important factor for new games is your video card. I'd drop the memory to 512 (2x256), get a Barton and put the money you saved into a video card. Tho now that I look again you didn't list what video card you were planing to get.

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  4. Wheres the video card? If money is your concern, do you really need that expensive RAM.

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