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OK, the problem I have is weird, I don't know where to post I post it in this section, I apologize for my stupidity first!
I built my new computer recently, well, for around 2 months. I don't have any problem ever since. But these days, it happened sometimes that I'm suffering on Internet, the PC restart suddently. Or let's say I'm typing some stuff with MS Word, and it restarts suddently.
It does not happen often, but really weird
Today, I come home from School, and usually, I leave my computer alone and download, but now, I notice that everything are closed. I guess my PC restarted again..
any idea? I don't know if it's a hardware problems or software problem, if you need my computer spec, then just tell me
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  1. List your specs and OP/SYS, and are you getting any Error Messages, if so what are they exactly?

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  2. Right click my computer then the advanced tab then go to the bottom tab (system Recovery and startup) on that tab you'll see a checkmark in Automatically restart if windows encounters errors (or something to that effect). Get rid of that checkmark.

    Then go to the control panel and select Administrative tools and then Event Viewer check for any application faults that could be causing your system to crash.

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  3. Good point rubberband, he won't get error messages if its set to automatically reboot on errors.

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  4. ok, I did what you said I got the error msg
    when the error occurs, windows shut down, and I see an error msg saying "Bad _Pool_Caller" 0x000000C2 and many other series of number
    I'm currently searching at Microsoft's web site..
    if anyone is faster than me or know the solutino to this problem, then feel free to leave msg here! you think do a clean Install of Windows would solve the problem?
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