How to check for missing drivers on windows 7

how can i check driver is installed or not ?? i have problem of video . 1920 by 1800 video & above 160MB video is not playing properly it stop playing . & i have not instolled graphics card....can this problem solve without it????
divice manager is not showing any diver mark...
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  1. What are your spec...

    Full HD movies (Especialy 10 bit ones) can be hard on the processor some times..

    Any way u need to install the graphic card driver. as first aid try using windows update to update/install the driver....

    U can check the driver installed or not by going to device manager from the control panel...

    The one marked with "?" or bear the name "unknown" device need a driver update/install... (the driver not installed)
    this video is your solution and totally free and easy
    thank you
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